every akhin is a survivor

AKHIN (meaning Resilient, Courageous, fearless and independent) is the flagship program of Save the Street Child Foundation, through which homeless street children and young adults are empowered to discover their own passion and dream and develop themselves toward achieving their dreams. We aim to achieve this through an alternative learning space that allows homeless street children and young adults to jump back into society, having gotten the rightful skills needed to excel in any sphere of human endeavour they might have chosen to pursue.


Our first step toward working with our beneficiaries is to find them on the street.

2.We engage

We engaged them through a street football tournament to explained our one-year residential training to them.

3. We provide

The first 20 youngsters who show a strong desire for the training will be taken for our training.

4.We teach

We teach them how to read and write, basic mathematics, and general knowledge.

5.we tell story

Through individual stories that we turn into short videos, we rehabilitate, give them various video production skills and sustain participants' interest.

6. We empower

We work together with them to learn a vocation which matches their personal interest.