The increase in the number of homeless youngsters in Nigeria and the inhuman, loveless, hazardous environment on the street of Nigeria exposes them to diseases, abusive use of drugs, and involvement in criminal activities that often end them in prison or juvenile delinquency centres. To respond to these challenges, we founded AKHIN, an organisation providing alternative learning space for homeless youngsters in Nigeria, where they can discover, develop and explore their talents and dreams. . AKHIN is a Yoruba name for one who is Resilient, Courageous, Fearless, and Independent; all of these attributes are found in homeless youngsters. AKHIN is the flagship name of Save the Street Child Foundation.


Meeting with street youngsters in Ibadan,Nigeria

In preparation for our street football tournament, AKHIN team visitied Iwo road, Mokola and Oja Oba Ibadan, to inform the participants.

The street football tournament

Participants formed four teams, name Resilience team, Courageous team, Fearless team and Independent team

Rehabilitation process begins

Some football tournament participants who indicated strong intrest in our training were given scholarship, that covers their rehabilitation and preparatory class


Nigeria where all homeless children and young adults have access to nurturing, and loving spaces where they can express themselves, practice freedom, and develop their potential as an alternative to ending up on the street.


BY Providing an alternative learning space we create an opportunity for homeless street children and young adults to dream and be empowered with the necessary tools to achieve their dreams.


We are working with homeless
street children (12-17 years ) and
young adults (18-25 years)
in Nigeria


AKHIN is a one-year residential
the train which is tailored toward
helping our beneficiaries to jump
back into the society