our philosophy

We believe that every street child and street young adults has the capacity to become or achieve whatsoever they have set their mind on.



There is an audacity in every child to explore,  but society seems not to see it therefore we are together with homeless children and young adult wish to dare.


The undying spirit of homeless children is a value we are willing to hold on to as this will help us to remind ourselves of the need to try one more time.


We see all homeless street children as indevidiaul who desire to be indepentent and this is a value we hold on to.


Every child need to be treated equally no matter where they are born,  where they live,  or what their gender  is.


To be accountable to our supporters and the society where we operate is a not negotiable demand for us.


Not keeping to time is a culture we want to change, therefore, we respect individual time.


Israel Balogun


I am a trained behavioural modification,  career counselor, and skill development expert,  but I didn’t start from here, I was on the street for 12 years……  read more by clicking on the image 

Bukola Alawiye

Board member

Bukky has worked in the last several years in social housing which meant she had the opportunity to meet a huge variety of people and understand issues surrounding housing and care from a unique perspective.

Kofo Balogun

Board Member

She is personate about women, vulnerable children, and health care for homeless youngsters. Kofoworola work with homeless youngsters to ensure their mental and medical care 

Dupe Asaolu

Home manager

She is a trained teacher, committed to education, particularly with the poor youngsters

Farouq Alade

Ass home manager

A formal homeless child,  now working to ensure many other homeless youngsters have opportunity to be developed